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Karen Thompson-Harry practices family law and equine law in the regions of Peel and Halton, Guelph and Orangeville in the Greater Toronto Area and South Western Ontario. She helps her clients get through the emotional challenges of these areas and provides a safe, serene and supportive environment to assist them in reaching resolution – mainly through arbitration, mediation, or collaborative law, incorporating powerful non-defensive communication skills.

Over 20 years' experience

Karen completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Toronto in 1979. From 1980 to 1988, she worked as a community legal worker for an Ontario legal clinic, specializing in social assistance, community development, and law reform. In 1991, Karen graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar the following year.

Platinum rule

Karen follows the "Platinum Rule" in her practice: Treat others better than they ever expected to be treated.

Peacemaker pledge

Karen pledges (borrowed from Forrest S. Mosten, and slightly amended) as follows:

"I will think about creating peace for individuals and families;

I will use my peacemaker efforts to help maximize healing and harmony in my work with clients, their families, colleagues, and other participants in the family law system, and in the family law profession."

Non-defensive communication

Karen continues to develop her skills in "powerful non-defensive communication" ("PNDC". Through "PNDC" parties are assisted in reaching agreements that meet their family’s needs. These communication skills lay the foundation for a process that is safe and supportive, that allows the clients to communicate and negotiate with integrity and dignity.

Focus on mediation and collaborative law

The primary way Karen helps parties improve communication with each other is through alternative dispute resolution. Karen is an "Accredited Family Mediator" with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation. Mediation (in which both sides negotiate their own agreement with the assistance of a neutral third party, i.e. the mediator) and collaborative law (in which both sides' professionals, and which may include other professionals such as parenting experts, financial experts etc., agree to work together towards a settlement) reduce the adversarial quality of legal disputes by helping clients resolve their cases out of court. Karen is proud that the vast majority of her practice is in alternative dispute resolution: while many lawyers merely dabble in mediation and collaborative law, these processes are the foundation of her practice.

A casual office environment

A unique aspect of Karen's practice is the country setting of her office, a relaxing and serene environment, perfect for negotiation meetings. Clients often tell her that the office has a peaceful aura. Karen's office offers an inviting and peaceful environment that's more casual and relaxing, and Karen's skills in mediation and powerful non-defensive communication provides her clients with the support they need to participate and engage fully in the process.

A balanced agreement

Whether your legal dispute involves family law (divorce, child custody and access, child or spousal support, property division, paternity, etc.) or equine law (bill of sale, agreements of purchase and sale, leases, syndication, boarding agreements, indemnification agreements, etc.), Karen Thompson-Harry is your ideal choice in southwestern Ontario for your representation.

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Karen Thompson-Harry
1 Wellington Rd. 124
Erin, Ontario

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